al-Zahir: City of Opportunity!

They call al-Zahir the Bazaar of the World. If anything, the title fails to do it justice. Located at the mouth of the Meshra River, al-Zahir is the halfway point for nearly all trade for the whole of Bendra. Raw silk and gold make their way down the northern steppes from the Lo-Zha Confederacy. Merchants from the distant and savage lands of Nakovy ply their trade in the Grand Bazaar, selling amber, salt, and men. Rare minerals and refined statues come from Canthius. The finest lumber and rarest of gemstones pass through on their way from the jungle kingdoms of Legna. Recently, a series of portals to other planes have been opened near the Grand Bazaar, opening up the city to even greater trade. Countless nations and peoples pass through the gates of the city, whether looking for trade, wealth, or simply opportunity. Whether measured in pinches or tons, if anything is worth finding, it can be found in al-Zahir.


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